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Welcome to my Vauxhall 2.0 16V Twin Engine Mini Site.  This site is to document the progress of a Mini Clubman Estate from a simple 1100cc A Series to a 400bhp+ monster with 4wd, Turbo and NOx. 

This Mini's main purpose was to be drag racing but decided that it actually handles quite well now so moving into spriting and hill climbing for a change at least until i'm ready for more monster power updates in the future when I will return for some drag action.

After the immediate success of the automatic conversion i'm now ready for more power as this is currently the limiting factor of the performance.  Where continued increases in power could be through more nitrous I wanted to consistent power available for longer periods and after moving to automatics the turbo again became an option to investigate since there is no need to lift between gears meaning no turbo lag between shifts on the strip. 

The Phase 1 Build section will no longer receive any updates and relates primarily to the initial construction utilising the manual F20 transmissions and the rear engine nitrous installation (2004-2009).


The Phase 2 Build section primarily contains the process of installing the 4T40e automatic transmissions (2009-2010).


The Phase 3 Build section will focus on converting to Turbo (2011-2012).


Slight delay in developement with new daughter taking priority over car improvements lol (2012-2016)


The Phase 4 Build section focuses on new enhancements to the setup that will aid cooling, manual auto transmission control to enable more controlled sprinting, hill climbing and eventually track sessions along with power steering and bigger brakes  (2016-2017 )


The Phase 5 Build section will focus on POOOWWWEEERRRR and Speed enhancements including transmission rebuilds\LSD\Longer Final Drive and engine rebuilds to take the planned 350hp'ish of turbo power and 150hp'ish of Nitrous.   (2017-)

The Bits & Bobs section will focus various general changes\improvements to the car overall but not specifically related to performance   (2017-)


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My final goal performance figures are to better the following (hopefully a lot better):

Test Current Target Initial Build Target Actual Current Build Best (Evo Turbo \ Auto) Actual Best (Automatic Transmission) Actual Best (Manual Gearbox)
0-60mph sub 3 seconds sub 4 seconds 3.482 seconds 3.278 seconds 3.704 seconds
0-100mph sub 7 seconds sub 8 seconds 7.624 seconds 7.895 seconds 9.428 seconds
1/4 Mile sub 11 seconds sub 12 seconds 11.813 seconds @ 118.72mph 11.66 seconds @ 116.07mph (Santa Pod) 12.489 seconds @ 118.73mph (Gtech meter)
Top Speed 160+ mph 130+ mph 135mph 135mph (bit more stable now so kept calm longer) 124mph (before I bottled it) 
Power 350 bhp+ per engine 200bhp+ per engine est 200-220bhp (Front + Rear) 170bhp (Front) 170bhp + 60hp NOS (Rear) 170bhp (Front) 220bhp inc 50hp NOS (Rear)

Last Updated : 05/07/2024


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